Step-by-step instructions for using Kannetic Leadership Solutions

Step 1: Signup for a subscription and login to your subscription once it is activated

Your subscription will be activated within 24 hours of signing up.  If this is your first time using Kannetic, once your subscription is activated, you will receive an email with a temporary password to login to Kannetic.  Your username is your email address.  You will also receive a second email welcoming you to your subscription.

You can change your password at any time while logged into Kannetic by clicking your name in the upper right of the screen, then select Account, enter a new password and click Submit Changes.  

If you do not see your password email or forget your password, you can also reset your password by clicking here, then click "Forgot password?" and following instructions.

Step 2: If you would like feedback from others, invite them onto your subscription

When you login to your subscription you will find a leadership assessment asking what leadership areas you excel at and where you can improve.   You can choose to take this on your own as a self-assessment.  Or you can choose to also request anonymous feedback on your leadership from team members, colleagues, mentors or supervisors.  To request feedback you simply add someone on to your subscription, and they will be invited to anonymously fill out your leadership assessment.  It is up to you who you want to invite to provide feedback.

You have the option to omit any of the areas covered in your leadership assessment before you invite others to take it.  To do this, select the areas you wish to omit in the "Hide Performance Areas" box of your administrator controls and select "Submit Areas to Hide." 

If you choose to invite others to provide you feedback, once you know who you would like to invite, you simply add them onto your subscription.  You can add these participants to your subscription by clicking "Add New User" and submitting their information.  Participants will receive a Kannetic password email and a welcome email inviting them to take your leadership assessment.  

Video Instruction: Adding a User

Step 3: Take Leadership Assessment

Participants login to Kannetic and take your subscription's Leadership Assessment.  Unlike Kannetic's team and organization solutions, they will not be able to see the results of your leadership assessment.  Only you can see that.

If you choose to invite others to provide you feedback, you have the option to also take your leadership assessment yourself or to skip it.  To skip the assessment, simply scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click "Skip poll & view results."

Video Instruction: Taking a Poll

Step 4: Review Assessment results and select priority areas to focus on improving

Review results of your assessment.  If you requested feedback from others, you can sort results by your strengths and by areas needing improvement.  You can also use the discuss icons next to each area to record your thoughts or notes.  You can then select leadership areas to focus on developing - by selecting the box next to that opportunity area and clicking "Submit improvement opportunities" at the bottom of the screen.   You may choose to focus on areas that were identified as most needing improvement.  Or you may choose to focus on an area of strength of yours which you would like to continue to develop as a hallmark of your leadership style and approach.  Or you may choose to focus on both areas of improvement and strength.  This choice is up to you.

Video Instructions: Selecting an Improvement Opportunity

Video Instructions: Sorting Opportunity Assessment Results

Step 5: Review a starting list of potential actions you can take to work on each leadership area you prioritized for improvement.  For the Leadership Coach solution, you can watch advice videos about actions.

Click on the "Plan" arrow in the upper ribbon of your subscription.

You will now find here a starting list of ideas of potential improvement actions you can take for each of the leadership areas you prioritized.  Read through these potential actions.   Again you can use the discuss icons next to each potential action to record your thoughts or notes.

The Leadership Coach solution includes an ever growing video library of advice videos from experienced leadership professionals and executive coaches discussing many of the actions included in the starting improvement action list.  Any of the actions in blue font also have videos discussing those actions from Leadership Coach video contributors.  You can click on the action text to view the videos.  When viewing the videos, you can use the heart icon to like any video that resonates with you, and the comment icon to add public comments on any video which all subscribers can see.

Back in your action plan, you can also add other potential improvement action ideas onto your list.  If you want to add an action, click "Add an action,” type in the action, and then click “Add action.”

Video Instructions: Adding Actions

Video Instructions: Reviewing Actions and Watching Videos

Step 6: Select an improvement action plan

Decide on at least one action you want to take to improve each leadership area you prioritized working on.  Try to select no more than 2 or 3 actions for each area.  The goal is to focus on a set of improvement actions you really practice - rather than to list all the things you would ideally love to do.

You enter your selected actions into your subscription by checking the checkboxes next to each action you commit to taking together, and then clicking "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of the screen.  You must select at least one action per improvement area.

Be sure to submit the action plan. If you do not, the tracking process will not begin.

Video Instructions: Selecting Actions

Step 7: Remove participants you do not want to include in tracking your improvement progress 

Video Instructions: Removing Participants

Now that you have created an action plan, you can decide whether you want to continue receiving feedback from some or all of the participants who provided you feedback in your initial opportunity assessment.  If you leave participants on your subscription, they will automatically be included in pulse tracker polls about your progress as a leader.   
Most people will want to remove other users from their subscription at this point - unless there is someone you are very close to or working directly with on your action plan. You can easily remove other participants from your subscription by clicking the red minus next to their name in your subscription administrator controls.

Step 8: Take Progress Tracker Poll

Every three months after you submit an action plan, participants will automatically receive an email inviting them to take a Progress Assessment.  The Progress Assessment will ask all participants how you are doing against prioritized improvement opportunities, whether they have seen planned improvement actions being applied, and how effective those actions have been.

To take the Tracker Poll, each of you logs into your subscription.   If you don't see the poll, click the Track arrow in the upper ribbon.  Be sure to complete every question in the poll.  A few pointers:

  • You must select Yes or No answers for each question about how you are doing on your prioritized improvement areas

  • You must select Yes or No as to whether you have tried to take each action included in your action plan

  • For any action you have tried to take, you must rank how effective you feel that action has been on a 5 star scale (five stars is the highest rating.)

When everyone has completed the Progress Tracker Poll, refresh your browser to see all results.

If you do not want to wait three months to track progress, you can initiate a Tracker Poll at any time. If you would like to initiate a new Tracker Poll at an earlier date, just click "Send Tracker Now" from your administrator controls and then confirm that you want to send the tracker now.

Video Instructions: Taking a Tracker Poll

Video Instructions: Initiating a Tracker Poll

Step 9: Review Progress Assessment results and adjust action plan as needed  

After participants have taken the Progress Tracker Poll, you will automatically see latest aggregated results across all subscription participants.  Again, unlike Kannetic's team and organization solutions, in Kannetic Leadership Solutions only you as the administrator of the subscription will see these results.

The Progress Tracker Poll results provide you with rapid feedback on whether participants believe you are making progress and if all the items in your action plan are working.  If you choose not to include any participants in your progress tracking, you can still use the tracker poll as a way to reflect yourself on your own progress.

Consider the following question as you review results: 

  • How are you doing?  
  • Are you making progress?  
  • Are you taking your planned actions?  
  • Are your planned actions working?

When you have finished considering these questions, decide on one of three options:

Option One: Keeping Going!

Decide that should keep working on the leadership areas you prioritized and the improvement actions you selected.  Wait three months for the next tracker poll, or manually trigger a tracker poll at any time you want to check-in next. Essentially, you are returning to Step 8.

Option Two: Change Action Plan.

Decide you need to change your action plan, because the improvement actions you chose are not working and you do not think they will work.  In this case, click on the "Plan" arrow in the upper ribbon and you return to Step 6 above.  Go through the steps again to choose a new action plan; and then continue on with the process until you come here to Step 9 again.

Option Three: Declare victory!  

If you feel you have progressed and are doing well enough in your chosen improvement areas, celebrate!    Now you can keep building on your accomplishment together by returning to some of the other leadership areas you did not prioritize improving.  Click "Start a New Iteration" to restart the leadership capabilities improvement cycle.  You and any participants on your subscription will return to Step 3 above and be invited to retake the Leadership Assessment.  You can now walk through the process again selecting a new set of leadership areas to work on.  This allows you to always have a few practical action you are taking together to grow as a leader.


Instructions for Option Three: Starting a New Iteration

To start a New Iteration, click “Start a New Iteration” and then confirm "Start a new iteration."  When you "Start a new iteration" you will find a record of your old "iteration,” as well as your new one in your "My Subscriptions" dashboard.  You can get to these at any time by clicking the "Kannetic" logo in the upper left hand side of your screen.  Each iteration is labelled with the date it was started.  

Over time, you will have a record of the effort you made and victories you had in becoming a better leader.  When you look back at this years later, you will remember everything you did to get to build your leadership capabilities.

If you previously omitted areas to be included in your leadership assessment, and you want to omit these areas again in this next iteration, you will need to again select the areas you wish to omit in the "Hide Performance Areas" box of your administrator controls and select "Submit Areas to Hide."