The Leadership Coach is an online application that helps you become a better leader

Through a 3-step improvement cycle, Leadership Coach helps you rapidly identify where you can improve against 30 dimensions that research has shown are critical to effective leadership.  Leadership Coach then helps you discover practical actions you can take to improve in those areas and stay accountable over time to achieve results.


Assess yourself and/or choose to easily gather feedback from your team, supervisor, or colleagues on your strengths and improvement opportunities as a leader 


Plan specific practical actions you can take to become a better leader.  Choose from a starting list of improvement actions or add your own


Stay accountable to your improvement goals and action plan.  Track your own progress and/or invite others to provide feedback on your progress


Leadership Video Library

As you use Leadership Coach, you can learn about included leadership improvement actions through a library of advice videos from dozens of experienced leadership development professionals and executive coaches from around the world.

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How is Leadership Coach different than traditional leadership development programs?


Developing yourself as a leader is the single most important investment you can make in your career success and in the success of your team and company.  However, a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review found that most leadership training fails "because people soon revert to their old ways of doing things."  Only 1 out of 4 senior managers report that leadership training is critical to business outcomes.  Traditional leadership development programs involve spending thousands of dollars per participant to take leaders out of their working context and spray them with a firehose of ideas, frameworks, and skills.  Everything seems interesting in the moment, but learning is rapidly lost.  

Leadership Coach instead is based on an agile, continuous learning approach.  As a leader you identify one or two targeted leadership capabilities you want to focus on, you choose practical, actionable steps you can take to improve those capabilities, and then you track yourself to ensure you are implementing them and achieving improvement in your performance as a leader.  Once you have improved in your selected areas, you can easily start the process over and choose new areas to develop.  In this way, you make real gains in your leadership capabilities, embedded in your actual work context.  This agile, continuous learning process is more time effective, cost effective, and leads to more powerful results than traditional leadership training.

How is Leadership Coach different than traditional 360 surveys and assessments?


The 360 assessment is rapidly becoming a central component of  performance evaluation for executives and leaders.  However, while the 360 assessment is rooted in the positive idea of gathering feedback from everyone around a leader - traditional 360 assessments have two key shortcomings.  First, 360 assessments are increasingly approached as an exercise of control over leaders.  Rather than supporting leaders to unlock their potential - they become a punitive and uncomfortable exposure of leader's weaknesses.  Second, 360 assessments often tend to provide results without clear actionable steps to take to improve.

Leadership Coach is rooted in neuroscience research which shows that feedback is most effective when the person receiving feedback asks for it.   With Leadership Coach, you as the leader choose whether you want to invite others to provide you feedback on your leadership and if so, who to invite.  The results of the feedback are then available only to you.  Once you have this feedback, Leadership Coach helps you identify, understand and choose very specific, practical steps you can take to improve in the areas you chose to prioritize for development.  You as the leader are in control of the process and the process is focused on practical actions to unlock your leadership potential - not scores to grade you.